Monday, May 12, 2008

Hitler, Bush, Chomsky and Plato

On Hitler and Bush, Plato once said: “Tyranny naturally arises out of democracy.” Therefore, what democracy needs is an eye of vigilance of checks and balances to prevent tyranny from bubbling up. Ad Hitlerum fallacies as found in Alex Jones’ inside job conspiracy theories, as found on Diggnation and committed by Chomsky’s slave moralists prevent the elite from transforming into a police state and carrying out false flag attacks to advance violent imperial ambitions for oil. I suppose without prosperity, in the event of economic, environmental, political, public health crises, capitalism can’t possibly remain democratic. Thus, Plato’s quote should read for 21st century scholars: “Tyranny naturally arises out of democracy especially when the economy is no longer viable.” The iPod generation over the next 30 years will spontaneously create an AIDS vaccine, create a new sustainable energy source, structurally adjust capitalism to make it more sustainably functional, and discover themselves spiritually, returning to the geocentric paradigm. I’ve seen it.

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