Thursday, May 1, 2008

Slackware, Summer Reading List, Slamd64 Tonight, Papers

I wrote three philosophically important papers in the last month of my final year at Trent

* Review of Goldman's Imperial Nature, on resistance to the IMF.
* Contemporary Just War Theory breeds violence, which reinforces The Secret teachings
* Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals as it applies to sub prime mortgage crisis in America
* JS Mill and Singer's article on African poverty and income distribution and molotov cocktails
* Spinoza's link to the environment (maybe this essay wasn't so great)

In other news: Today I was crying because I don't have the programming skill to fix compiz-fusion myself. I wish I could make compiz-fusion more stable. Maybe I'll feel better if I nuke and then reinstall win32 before I install Slamd64 12.1 and install e17 using Stratera's SlackBuilds.

In other news, ##slackware idlers on FreeNode suggest new users read Slackbook at least twice. My summer reading list grows again. Here is what my summer reading list looks like now (sorry for the screwed up formatting):

* Slackware Essentials

* Lost in Space by Mike Dooley

* Happier than God by Neale Donald Walcshe

* Chaim Perelman, Realm of Rhetoric as I promised Tindale I would
* Slavoj Žižek, (1989)The Sublime Object of Ideology --> This book might be fun to read because of this note. (More here)

Žižek writes:

It is my belief that these three aims are deeply connected: the only way to "save Hegel" is through Lacan, and this Lacanian reading of Hegel and the Hegelian heritage opens up a new approach to ideology, allowing us to grasp contemporary ideological phenomena (cynicism, totalitarianism, the fragile status of democracy) without falling prey to any kind of postmodernist traps (such as the illusion that we live in a "post-ideological" condition). (The Sublime Object of Ideology, p. 7

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