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Note to Self: Skydomes

Use these skydomes for compiz-fusion.

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The Law of Attraction linked to the New World Order?

Here is a very rough draft of an essay I assembled. My influences are Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, New World Order conspiracy theories, Ron Paul's REVOLUTION, Antonio Gramsci and left wing activism. I put a lot of love into these ideas. If you like what you see, feel free to take some of it to create your own ideas. This essay is incomplete.

The best explanation of 9/11 comes with the law of attraction. Did innocent Yankees in the World Trade Centres attract the terrorist attack on 9/11? No. For their financial greed, America’s business elite attracted jealousy from Al Qaeda. The elite “co-created” 9/11 together with Al Qaeda. The world’s business elite are responsible for the killing of 3000 innocent Americans at the superpower’s economic financial heart. 9/11 is an example of a grave injustice. According to Canadian public intellectual Gwen Dyer, the Taliban since the 1980s increasingly became desperately resentful and jealous of the world's business elite. If it weren't for democracy, the world's business elite could impose a capitalist empire over the entire planet, similar to the way Kings of ancient Rome imposed their democratic empire all over Europe and the Middle East. Similarly, Al Qaeda wants to impose its own Islamic empire over the word. Unfortunately for Al Qaeda they are weak. So over time, they became extremely jealous. Al Qaeda was not jealous of the American middle class experience of freedom and prosperity. Al Qaeda were and are jealous of the power the world's elite have over the planet. In general, someone is mentally and spiritually unhealthy if greed, resentment and jealousy is their life experience. That kind of existence is called depression and it's not sustainable. That ugly combination has produced conflict and a “war on terror.” On the other hand, the experience of gratitude, hope and joy, the experience of the middle class, especially around the winter solstice, is healthy and produces peace and harmony.

Placing the blame on the business elite for being greedy or placing the blame on Al Qaeda for being jealous is really irrelevant for those who wish to create a peaceful world order. For believers in The Secret and the law of attraction who wish to achieve peace in the Middle East, focus on the teachings in The Moses Code.

Now, Al Qaeda is a select group of dangerously fanatical religious fundamentalists who believe in a radical ideology. The same is true about the world's ruthless business elite. The ruthless elite are a group dangerously fanatical about capitalist ideology. Will the middle class be crushed by the intense emotional battle between Al Qaeda and the elite?

Before I answer that question, first I answer: must the middle class be enlightened by The Secret teachings in order to succeed in ridding the world of war, anger, resentment, greed and jealousy? The middle class is already enlightened. We don't need to be told what the secret is, because we already know it. On the internet, according to Google, there is more, love, hope, happiness, joy and gratitude than there is fear, jealousy, greed, anger and resentment. We already think prosperous thoughts. We already know how to manifest our goals more or less successfully. This is true at least for the world's healthy middle class which has access the internet. If anything, the elite and Al Qaeda are about to be crushed by the middle class' overwhelmingly positive energy.

The world's middle class needs to continue its path along prosperity, freedom and humanism.

Since its inception, Homeland Security and the whole war on terror has only created more terrorism, according to leading professor of global peace studies at Bradford University in northern England, Paul Rogers. According to Reuters, Paul Rogers “described the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq as a "disastrous mistake" which had helped establish a "most valued jihadist combat training zone" for al Qaeda supporters.” Paul Rogers claims, "Going to war with Iran will make matters far worse, playing directly into the hands of extreme elements and adding greatly to the violence across the region. Whatever the problems with Iran, war should be avoided at all costs." Therefore the war against terrorism only perpetuates terrorism. The “war on terror" produces more terrorism. Byrne's success coaches teach this too. A better name for the ruthless elite's imperial ambitions is “war of terror”. The ruthless elite are losing the war of terror dismally because they don't have consent from the public. Donald Trump sums up the state of affairs in the US very concisely on CNN:

Assuming scarcity, jealousy creates greed and greed creates jealousy. Since 9/11 perhaps the elite have become more power hungry and greedy, while the same is true about Al Qaeda's jealousy.

The outrageous income of just the world’s top 691 billionaires in 2005 is spectacular. According to Lea Goldman and Luisa Kroll from Forbes magazine, “The collective net worth of the 691 billionaires we could find is $2.2 trillion, up $300 billion from the combined worth of the 587 people listed last year”( quoted from Goldman and Kroll's “The World's Richest People” in Forbes magazine, 3 October 2005). By comparison, the World Bank estimates that it would cost $600 Billion to feed and educate the world’s poor for 7 years. That is, according to page 47 of the World Banks' Millennium Development Goals, titled Agriculture and Achieving The Millennium Development Goals: Agriculture and Rural Development Department). By educating the world’s poor to read and write, the rich could simultaneously teach the world’s poor how to sustain themselves. Education is definitely a worthwhile cause. With this over abundance of wealth accumulated by the rich, the middle class in Ontario for example doesn’t need to sacrifice their warm showers nor their Christmas presents to eliminate world hunger. With this over abundance of wealth accumulated by the rich, the middle class in America for example doesn’t need to sacrifice their prosperity. The middle class is so spiritually healthy, so prosperous, we need not sacrifice our warm showers nor our Christmas presents to reduce world poverty. Heartless, the business elite are now trying to take away what the American people rely on for their prosperity: the economy. Greed is a vice. Prosperity is a virtue. It's now up to the Facebook/iPod/Google generation to dissolve this hateful war between the elite and Al Qaeda by asserting ourselves with love by sharing our prosperity and our happiness with all our neighbours and friends and especially our enemies. People who posses prosperity consciousness are protected by the universe’s spiritual energy forces, so the existing middle class in the West has nothing to fear.


Pretty neat eh? I came up with that argument in December 2007. It's incomplete, though. There is more. The following is extremely experimental which I may develop into a more coherent essay at a later date. If anyone reading this blog sees what they like from the following, feel free to borrow it and develop it yourself. You don't need to give me credit. Good luck:

(1) Speculate about Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism --> Spiritual foundation of the constitution using Graham Hancock and RObert Bauval's (2004) Talisman: Democracy is "the liberated great-grand-child of this Hermetic-Gnostic tradition."

(2) the important moral of the creation story in Genesis is that humans have free will, and therefore, the foundation of humanity's intelligence and language adventure is J S Millian negative liberty. Luckily, Millian liberalism is read into the US constituition.

(3) humans did for animals what god and the angels did for us: the angels granted humanity humanism. Millian utilitarianism and humanism is a spiritual doctrine, counter to the spiritual doctrine of Nazism. Nazism is a problem with the human soul. Nazism is a psychological and spiritual problem:

“Nazism can be explained only in terms of psychology, or rather in those of psychopathology. Hitler is looked upon as a madman or as a “neurotic,” and his followers as equally mad and mentally unbalanced…The sources of fascism are to be found in the human soul, not in economics.” (Erich Fromm, Escape from Freedom, 1943: page 206)

Nazism is a spiritual problem. The spiritual is political. To Fromm, spontaneous creativity and artwork allowed in democracy provides safety. Creativity and democracy is a spiritual solution to the human condition.


The US constitution is a spiritual document which haunts the greedy business elite night after night. The American public, since Bretton Woods, has developed a world view, a consciousness, which is exceptionally spiritually healthy. Their worldview is informed with revolutionary ideas of absolute political freedom and universal human and animal rights.

You know what song I listen to as I write this? Andy Hunter's “The Wonders of You” from The Matrix. Here is part of the song:

Now read my final conclusion:

The public’s worldview involves prosperity and an abundance of hope and love. Abundance out numbers scarcity on Google by a ratio of 4:1. Hope, love ,happiness and abundance is more powerful, so the spiritual consciousness of ordinary people will trump that of the consciousness of the business elite when the crisis happens before 2012. The public which assumes abundance is prepared to collide with the elite’s greedy ideology and agenda which assumes scarcity. The public, now a giant marauding bear with wings, is ready to squash Satan. [define Satan with JP2 quote from Walsch's What God Wants page 156] This is why I am so optimistic.

In an article titled, “Pentagon boosts 'media war' unit,” dated 31 October 2006, the BBC news reports that the war of ideas keeps Rumsfeld up at night.

The biggest sustained political demonstrations in world history will be spontaneous. It'll come out of nowhere, just like the amnesty protests by Hispanics in California in 2005 + 2006. Enlightened, all of us and especially young people will be conscious participants in a worldwide political demonstration and general strike made possible with the internet to defend the constitution. The answer to 1984 is 1776, as Alex Jones says in EndGame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement.


The public is enlightened, 9/11 was the test. Instead of riding the insecurities of nationalism into World War 3, the youth have chosen to ride the horse of spiritual energy forces: absolute freedom, justice and humanism, into the light.

I have a strong intuition that the illuminated elite at recent Bilderberg meetings and Trilateral Commission meetings are very divided. Half the elite want to greedily horde all the money for themselves, the other half want to enlighten humanity. The elite are in crisis mode and the world is ripe for revolution. RON PAUL REVOLUTION: Think "TeaParty07" and the fifth of November in 2007. Who is Ron Paul, how does he represent indigo children and the iPod Generation? Why is Ron Paul important? See my previos post. And here is me on Ron Paul's revolutionary economics. Oh and if interested, here is me on how creationism and intelligent design will be synthesized within the next 30 years by the indigo iPod generation.

MOVE OVER, 'cause here comes the Google generation:


This is, by the way, good to know:

As the credits role in The Secret, Esther Hicks says: “There is nothing you are supposed to do, only that which you want to do.” This quote can be ramified by a point made by Neale Donald Walsch on his blog. Walsch says that you are perfect just the way you are, “there is nothing you have to know, nothing you have to do, and nothing you have to be except exactly what you are knowing, doing, and being Right Now.” You don't have to do anything. Participation in the war of ideas or Anonymous protests are optional. Participate only if you choose.

Here is an aphorism that doesn't quite fit yet in the above essays:

The Universe manifests abundance at a mere thought, then why is there so much poverty, starvation and death? Does the law of attraction imply that all starving children in Africa have to do is “think prosperity”? The answer to that question is yes and no. First read Bob Proctor’s explanation for how rich people maintain their power:

It is not difficult…for children today, born into families of great wealth-like the Kennedy's or the Bronfman's-to think these prosperous thoughts and to have this prosperity consciousness, since that is the only type of thinking they were subjected to, right from birth. We say they have been conditioned in, or to, prosperity. However, the majority of people have not been born into that kind of an environment and so they were not surrounded by that type of thinking. (See Bob Procter's You Were Born Rich, p11)

Bob Proctor’s point about rich people maintaining prosperity consciousness is related to why starving children in Africa are stuck in what I call, “poverty consciousness.” Poor people maintain their adversity, not because they choose to, but because it’s probably excruciating difficult to think prosperity if you are always hungry. It’s not their fault they’re poor.

Here is another great aphorism that sorta belongs in the above essay, but doesn't fit very well:

Success guru Bob Proctor provides a concise social class analysis in The Secret. Bob Proctor asks, “Why do you think that one percent of the population earns around ninety six percent of all the money that's being earned? Do you think that's an accident? It's no accident! It's designed that way.” Who is “they”? Bob Proctor is referring to the business elite of course, “They understand something. They understand the secret. And you are being introduced to the secret.” Whatever special knowledge the business elite have, we are being introduced to it. From this, what can I infer about world order? Maybe the law of attraction was discovered by John Davison Rockefeller and Henry Ford in the early 1900s; and, in 1913, conspiring with Woodrow Wilson, the elite committed a discrete coup d'├ętat, creating a central American bank, the Federal Reserve system (Zeitgeist, 2007).

“Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws.” Baron Rothschild

I’m guessing that Baron Rothschild is illuminated. Rockefeller, Rothschild, Ford, Warburg, Aldrich and other American elites in the early 1900s, perhaps, asked the universe for consent using hermetic abilities similar to the law of attraction.

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Check out this new cubereflex plugin for compiz fusion. Here are some more screenshots of compiz-fusion customized by artists passionate about desktop GUIs.

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MS Office 2007 on Linux

Here is an Ubuntu blogpost explaining how to emulate Microsoft Office 2007 on Linux.

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Or maybe...

Maybe instead of building a new expensive PC from scratch, I'll just upgrade my existing system. Here are some nice fanless graphics cards which should fit into my existing PC.

$90. MSI NX8600GT-TD512EZ GeForce 8600GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail

$85. XFX PVT86JYAHG GeForce 8500GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail

These cards might not fit because there is a peg jutting out in one of the corners which might interfere with my very tall heatsink:

$140. MSI NX8600GTS-T2D512EZ HD GeForce 8600GTS 512MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card

$125. ECS N8600GT-512MX HS GeForce 8600GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail

Check out these Kingston ram sticks.

$80. Kingston ValueRAM 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) System Memory Model KVR400X64C3AK2/2G - Retail

This one is dual channel:

$75. Kingston ValueRAM 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model KVR400AK2/2GR - Retail

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Slamd64 PC this summer

I am going to build a PC from scratch this summer. My new PC will have GBs of ram, a quad core processor. The processor will be virtualization capable so i can run Crysis on linux. Crysis is the most hardware intensive violent videogame on the market. And by Linux I mean Slamd64, of course. To play Crysis, I will pirate win32 (arrr). Virtualizing win32 will also enable me to play CS Source, so I can pug using the GameSurge network on irc. I'll get flash running on Slamd64 using nspluginwrapper. Apparently there is a forum post on the Slamd64 forums on nspluginwrapper. Then I plan on installing e17 on Slamd64 using modified SlackBuilds. Here are some of the system specs for my new PC:

$110. OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail

$299. Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 Yorkfield 2.5GHz 6MB L2 Cache LGA 775 95W Quad-Core Processor - Retail

$230. MSI N9600GT-T2D1G OC GeForce 9600GT 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail

$165. MSI P7N SLI Platinum LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

Prices from
I will use this guide to build my PC.