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NDW: The Spirit of Living Well

Neale Donald Walsch on how every one of us is a psychic.

Initially published on NDW's BeliefNet blog on Saturday December 6, 2008

Are psychics an avenue to greater understanding, to answers for which we yearn, to insights about ourselves and our future?

Let me say this about that. Every one of us in a "psychic." That's because every single one of us possesses so-called "psychic powers." So, can a person tell us things about ourselves that could be useful to us? Yes, I believe other people can do that. Do we need to go to a professional psychic if we want such answers? No.

I was telling you yesterday about a wonderful lady, Lauren Simon, who is a licensed therapist working with people suffering from sexual abuse. Yet that is not the only field in which this remarkable person is involved. She also knows how to tap into your own intuitive power, and get the answers that can only come from you.

She will be sharing that information with you in a special class that she is giving, and that you can take in the comfort of your den or living room.

Lauren says, "There is never any real need for you to go to another individual for a psychic reading, ever. I agree it's fun, exciting and it can be educational. It also can be dangerous, upsetting and harmful if you go to someone inexperienced or even worse, some phony who is all to eager to cash in on the spiritual movement."

Well, I agree with Lauren completely on this. That's why I'm excited about her class. It's called Connecting To Spirit , and it's an exciting, fun, fast paced Tele-Workshop, held once a week for four weeks, with each session designed to enhance your natural intuitive abilities and empower you to use them.

During the sessions Lauren shares her simple process and the events in her own life that opened her to trusting and receiving. She then gently guides you to do the same.

"Each week we'll be joined by a fascinating special guest, who will be sharing with you what Connecting to Spirit means to them and what their own personal process is," Lauren says on her website (
What Lauren aims to do is to teach you how to trust what you "receive" during your own intuitive "hits"...and how to, as she puts it, "strengthen those intuitive muscles on your own."

All of the Connecting to Spirit sessions will be simulcast and recorded, and you can join them either by phone or through a special live webcast. If for any reason you have to miss a session or if you simply want to experience the call again, the recording will be available afterward.

Lauren tells me that the next workshop begins on February 5 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. (Pacific) and will continue on the 12th, 19th and 26th. I can tell you, this is something that you don't want to miss if you have the least little bit of curiosity about your own psychic sense and how to use it. Or, for that matter, if you just want a little "lift" right now as to try to get into the spirit of living well during these very challenging times.

For more info, and to sign up for the teleclass, just go to

I have always been fascinated by physic abilities -- my own, and others'. How about you? Have you ever had any astonishing (or just plain incredibly useful) experiences with a physic? Or with your own psychic abilities and your own intuitions? I'd really love to hear about them.

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