Sunday, July 10, 2011

Configuring SciTE and the whereis command

So I was getting my text editor of choice -- SciTE -- ready for me to learn python with and I couldn't figure out how to get the text editor to display the line numbers at start up. Before, I had to select Line Numbers in the View menu every time SciTE loaded. So I joined the Google Groups for scintilla and asked there. Here was my e-mail correspondence with someone on the mailing-list named, Philippe Lhoste. I said:

I don't want to tick "View" --> "Line Numbers" every time I open
SciTE. How do I permanently set SciTE to show line numbers?

Philippe said:

Well, perhaps by starting to search "line numbers" in the SciTE doc?
I did it for you, and found you have to set line.margin.visible=1 in your user properties file.

Now the hard part for me was finding the user properties file.

According to aeon-ltd in #Ubuntu on FreeNode, he suggested I use "whereis scite" at the command line to find the location of the program, which printed the following:

daniel@natty:~$ whereis scite
scite: /usr/bin/scite /usr/share/scite

So I navigated to /usr/bin/scite and found . With that file open using the sudo prefix it looked the line.margin.visible part looked exactly like this :


So I removed the hash-mark and voila! SciTE now shows line numbers on the left hand side automatically at start up....

Thanks goes out to Philippe Lhoste and aeon-ltd for the help!

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