Sunday, February 27, 2011

NDW's 5 new books

As of Saturday 26 February 2011, Neale Donald Walsch says he is in the process of writing 5 new books. The first of which will be released in fall of 2011. Here is the question and answer in the CwG weekly bulletin in which NDW says so:

Dear Neale...Thank you for your wonderful books! I have read every one of them and look forward to the next. Do you know what they is going to be, and when it will be published? With gratitude...BWK, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Neale Responds

Dear BWK...I am working on several books at once right now. One is titled The Only Thing That Matters. This topic is currently being discussed with me at

People are telling me there what matters to them, and I am giving some thought to taking the best entries from the public there and including them in the book. Another title I am writing is called The Itys of Relationship. It offers the perfect formula for perfect relationships in 15 words.

There is a third book I am working on now, titled Humanity's New Story. It is about a new cultural story of humanity, and what that could be if we adopted a Conversations with God point of view about life and the world.

So there are those three books --- and yet a fourth and a fifth that I am at work on, all simultaneously. Whichever one gets finished first will be out this Fall. Thanks for asking.

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