Saturday, August 2, 2008

McCain-RP election victory, world order, China and the Middle East

If, let's say, the McCain campaign managers buy Ron Paul's recent argument (that Washington policy makers have been behaving like drug addicts since 9/11) and McCain's campaign managers pick RP as McCain's running mate on Sept. 2, promising to abolish the IRS laced with revolutionary Founding Father rhetoric, McCain-Paul would definitely win the 08 election. And let's say that over the course of 4 years in office McCain does everything Ron Paul says in his revolutionary book, then there would be a very different world order. Ron Paul opposes all supranational government bodies, like the UN so McCain would evict the UN from their NY HQ.

This probably won't happen because the Republicans prolly won't pick RP to be McCain's running mate. I'm not making predictions here. I'm just speaking hypothetically. This is an outlandish possible scenario. I'm just theorizing...for kicks.

So with a true gold standard (with the Fed abolished) the prices of goods and services (including oil) traded internationally would stay the same for Americans. Inflation would effectively be abolished. Actually, that's a half truth. Oil would no longer increase in price, as long as OPEC doesn't overcharge. And goods like electronics like computers manufactured in Chinnese factories would stay the same, as long as China doesn't start setting unfair prices, they could, after all, because they have a monopoly in this industry, if you add together all the electronics manufacturers.

Additionally, w/o an American hegemonic order on the planet, there would be a political vacuum and political crisis in Iraq with US troops arriving home before the end of 2009. All military and financial aid to Israel would cease. All 700 military bases strategically placed around the globe would be disbanded. If this were the case, with total international anarchy, then China could do what ever it pleases, perhaps establishing its own order over the planet, an anti-humanist order at that. Let's say China invades the entire middle east starting in 2012, after McCain and RP do everything RP promises. China at this point would have a monopoly over oil resources, exploiting the political crises of the US withdrawal from Iraq. If this were the case (this is a pretty flippin outrageous scenario) ALL Middle Eastern Arabs and Muslims would be united against their new imperial oppressors, a spectacular challenge for the religion of Islam. The West's War on Terror problem would be solved because America would no longer be the target of Islamic fundamentalists. Cool, eh?

I'm probably overlooking all sorts of logical possibilities resulting from an unlikely revolutionary McCain-Ron Paul election victory. What do you think could happen after US hegemony?

Now let's say some of Alex Jones' conspiracy theories are true, (not the 9/11 inside job ones, the other ones about the NWO that are argued for in Jones' (2007) "End Game") and the CFR, the Bilderbergh Group and Trilateral Commission members are indeed planning an Asian Union (AU) and North American Union (NAU) cooperating with the Chinese business class in secret, outside the public eye. What follows from this? The world's Power Elite could pull off a NAU and AU, if there were a need for it, like an inflationary crisis which provoked the ignorant public to demand a solution, trusting their governments and expert economists. If this were the case (I could be wrong, but let's pretend I am right), the Power Elite's behaviour would be tyrannical, similar to the behavior of Hitler who exploited an economic crisis to gain support from the insecure Middle Class in Wiemar Germany. Mugabe in Zimbabwe has drawn the world's attention to his tyranny based on (in part) hyper inflation. Informed Ron Paul revolutionaries (a passionate bunch) are well aware of how tyranny works. Ron Paul essentially argued this point in the senate in mid of June of this year. RP argues that governments are known for exploiting economic crises to gain more power, a humble and useful lesson. Check it.

InfoWars is Alex Jones' really intense blog, so popular among young people that it gets more comments below each story than DailyKOS stories get. "We Are Change" is Jones' legion of dangerous revolutionary activists. I am not one of these activists, but I read InfoWars every day because I am fascinated by the anarchy and freedom of the internet. Without internet censorship, conspiracy theories flourish. I suppose if these conspiracy theorists get out of hand who, by getting violent in the streets, become a danger to the peaceful domestic order provided by the state in America, then maybe the state will have to intervene and start censoring the internet.

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