Monday, February 25, 2008


Today I was chatting with my friend Brainyron over MSN and we talked about writing my first PHP script. See, in 2005 Ron prescribed for me the SAMS PHP 5 in 24 hours. In summer 2006 I copied out examples but none of them made any sense. And now that I am taking first year C# at Trent University, PHP is making a little more sense. So I asked him to give me an assignment. I'm going to create a "hit counter"

pseudo code1:
count the number of hits the website received

pseudo code2:
every time someone visits the site, PHP will one to the last number it showed, and then save that so it can recall it later

pseudo code3:
it needs to open a text file
then read it
read the number out of there
add one
display that number
save it back to the file

And then we realized that I had no idea what was going on, so we agreed that i need to start copying out examples from SAMS PHP again; except this time, when i don't understand the explanations, i'll ask him questions. Ron gave me his other e-mail address. I suppose I could ask these questions also in the php freaks forums.

edit: For when I eventually get around to creating this script, use this guide to echo the date:

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